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The Annual General Meeting of the Lonavla – Kdhandala Citizens Forum is scheduled to be held on ….
Date:   Saturday, June 29th 2019 
Venue:  Avion Hotel  (opposite Kumar Resort) 
Time:  6.30 pm onwards. 
Cost:  Rs. 1000/- per member. 
The Meeting will start sharp at  6.30 pm  IST, followed by Drinks & Dinner.
The Agenda:
a)  Program Held/Action taken since our last AGM.
b)  Financial Report for the year 2018-2019
c)   Audited statements of accounts (2018-2019).
d)  Budget for the year  2019-2020
e)  Introduction of new Executive Committee
f)  Future Plans.
Kindly RSVP via phone or email.  Your participation is desired and we look forward to meeting you all   A line in response is highly appreciated.